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Products and Packages

Session Prices


Lifestyle Sessions

My lifestyle sessions last for up to 2 hours at your home or a location of your choice.

I capture you having fun as a family doing what you do best, hanging out! It's super relaxed with a few family portraits thrown in somewhere in the middle. - Add on a family video for the perfect memory.  Prices start from £75 for the session only. 

Day in the Life

I spend a whole day with you and your family! From breakfast until bedtime I'll be hanging out with you, capturing the laughs, the tears and the bedtime stories.  We can visit the ice-cream farm, go to the park or just chill in the garden and on the sofa. It's totally up to you. Prices start from £250 for the session only. 

Upfront and Local

If you live within 25 miles of Manchester and you're looking for a quick and easy digital package you can save a packet by picking this up front 1 hour session. I'll come to your home or a location of your choice (within the 25 mile limit)  for a 1 hour session and hang out with your family. You'll then receive all of your photos (up to 30) in an online fully downloadable gallery. Perfect for those who know what they want or don't have time for personal viewing sessions. You can print, save or share your pictures for an all in price of £250 with 10% of any further product purchases.

Family films 

Family films are a great way to remember those funny/bizarre/precious moments. Films start from £250 and you can see one of my most recent films of The Schneider Family here. Or a personal favourite one of my own little boy Theo here.  


Individual product price list 

Fine art gift prints 

Unframed fine art prints (sizes up to 12x8)                              £35 

Treat yourself to a box of 20, perfect for family gifts       £350

Framed fine art prints 

Mounted in a bespoke frame in black, white, silver, dark wood, light wood 


6x4/7x5                                           £85

10x8/12x8                                         £150

12x12                                                 £260

16x24                                                £340

20x30                                                £410 

Multi image frames 

Mounted in a bespoke frame in black, white, silver, dark wood or light wood 


2 images 6x4/7x5                                             £150


add £50 for each additional image.


2 images  10/8/12x8                                          £260

add £75 for each additional image


Story telling album

 30 of your images in a beautiful hard back story telling book      £245


£35 each,    15 for £250,    30 for £450,    50 for £600,    75+ for £750


 My packages represent the best value for money on my most popular products. They also offer further discount on any additional purchases. 


15 images downloadable from your own online gallery (worth £250)

5 gift prints (worth £175)

plus 10% off any further purchases



30 images downloadable from your own online gallery (worth £450)

5 gift prints (worth £175)

plus 20% off any further purchases



50 images downloadable from your own online gallery (worth £600)

10 gift prints (worth £350)

plus 30% off any further purchases



All your images downloadable from your own online gallery (worth £750)

Story telling album (worth £245)

15 gift prints (worth £525)

plus 50% off any further purchases





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