About me...

Hola! I'm Lucy and I'm the proud owner of Theodore Rex, T-Rex for short, our little bundle of

2 year old joy. 


When I'm not behind the camera, you can find me snuggled on the sofa or strolling round our all time favourite holiday destination -Blackpool- with my little family. Hobbies include sipping on a brew (that picture is misleading, I much prefer a tea bag to loose leaf)  drooling over dinosaurs or trying to keep my cactus collection alive.


"How have you managed to kill a cactus?!" - a  genuine quote from my tree surgeon brother.

Alongside people and gorgeous families, I'm drawn to flowers and greenery, I don't have a reason for this.

I'm also one half of The Happy Weaner, a toddler and baby recipe blog come and give us a gander here...

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