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Manchester family photography


A day in the life of...

The Schneider Family

At the end of May, I spent an entire day with the absolutely wonderful Schneider family. These guys are just the best and I have a special place for them in my heart. I've known Luca since he was just a tiny little baby and I was honoured to be asked to document one of the last days in Britain with them in their beloved Chorlton. These guys are now hundreds of miles away in Canada so it was important to them to have some memories of their time here in Manchester. The weather held up for us and we bathed in blazing sun as we made our way around some of their favourite spots and some new ones (I introduced them to plane watching!). We ate, we walked, we played, we laughed. We splashed in the bath and we read stories, we hung out in the garden and we had a little snooze around lunchtime. All the while I was snapping some gorgeous memories and recording some priceless moments. So here's wishing the Schneider family all the best on their exciting adventure in Canada.

You will be sorely missed.    


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