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A Kenyan Experience

giraffe kisses woman

In October we had the opportunity of a life time to fly over to Kenya to my sister Anna's wedding. That of course meant an adventure holiday of epic proportions organised by Africa pro's Anna, Edwin and my mum Suze (pictured above kissing a giraffe). We landed in Nairobi after a pretty uneventful flight for a two year old, can I get an A-men (of the RuPaul variety) and were whisked straight to a beautiful hotel where we stayed for a couple of nights whilst we saw the Nairobi sights, the incredible Giraffe Manor and the Elephant Orphanage where we got to see Theo's adopted elephant Maktao and Suzie's baby elephant Mundusi trundle in from the fields and have their evening milk. As Theo splashed in the water a little trunk snuck in to the trough to blow bubbles. <3

beads hanging up
jesus and the virgin mary icons
grandpa and theo daddy and theo
giraffes and parents
feeding the giraffes
feeding a giraffe
giraffe mug
feeding the giraffes at Giraffe manor
orphan elephants
warthog and elephant drinking milk
on daddy's shoulders
an elephant trunk sneaks into the trough

From Nairobi we headed on to Nanyuki, Edwin's home town to meet his family and get acquainted with the animals on their farm, beautiful little piggies and an aqua-eyed kitty who wound himself round our legs as we enjoyed samosa's and Kenyan tea around the coffee table with Edwin's family.

From our hotel in Nanyuki it was then over to Lolldaiga Hills ranch to watch Anna and Edwin get married in a beautiful ceremony overlooking Mount Kenya thats here if you want to have a little look... ANNA + EDWINS WEDDING

Well the wedding was incredible and the day after at 2am we dashed back to Nairobi to catch the 5 hour train (what a kerfuffle that was! Sniffer dogs, running across the platform with two minutes to spare) to Mombasa to head to our next destination Kilifi for the family honey moon. yes you heard that right, the FAMILYMOON! Just DREAMY!

A synchronised swimming recital, the most incredible food I've ever tasted and a lobster BBQ later we were all ready for the train journey back to Nairobi and the flight home... said no-one ever. To all the people who helped make our trip so incredible, in the words of that fine fella Rafiki "Asante sana squash banana."


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